At our core, we are fueled by the passion for curating an extraordinary selection of one-of-a-kind and distinctive pottery and vessels crafted by a diverse range of talented artists.

Our mission is to bring forth exceptional designs that exude unrivaled quality, capturing the essence of artistic expression. The intricate craftsmanship, innovative forms, and mesmerizing textures of these pieces transcend mere functionality, elevating spaces to new dimensions.

Our carefully sourced collection harmonizes effortlessly with any environment, seamlessly transforming clean and modern spaces into nostalgic, traditional havens, while simultaneously enhancing the inherent beauty of plants. Our carefully chosen companions, hand-picked for their unique qualities, bring life and vitality to every lifestyle, connecting people with nature in the most enchanting and fulfilling manner.

hand selected artisanal vessels from exotic cities around the globe, curated along with the finest foliage to complement your space.



alexa, adean studios - mirate

Not only was Jenny incredible to work with but so was her team. The communication was constant, the vision was clear and confirmed by all parties prior to purchasing. The install and the execution is beautiful and accompanied by multiple visits along with a high level of quality control.

We hope to have collaborative and reliable consultants on all projects and Jenny was certainly one of them.
We can't wait to work with her again.


lauren, operations director- sweetflower

Jenny's been great partner to work with. I am thrilled to say we have been able to leverage her services for TWO of our California locations The team has always been able to provide clear communication, cost transparency and delivered a beautiful product. Their installations have become a staple in our retail experience and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a unique, beautiful addition for any space.


marie, boutique manager-
diptique paris

Our experience with Jenny has been consistently exceptional! The team is always friendly, helpful, and focus on quality floral designs and service. The arrangements, installations, and potted plants they've created and delivered have all garnered much attention and compliments in our boutiques.

She's responsive, professional, and prompt. If you're looking for a talented designer who will deliver on beautiful and creative designs and superior service, reach out!


josh, west coast events director- etta

Etta has been a Client for six years. I trust Jenny and her team immensely to execute any and all visions. From hotel rebranding events, award shows, brand activations, VIP client meetings, to our biggest project yet - a full restaurant design.

The thoughtfulness and creativity that goes into all projects is unmatched and done with such grace and elegance.

WE'RE grateful